Why Does Everyone Want an Open Floor Plan?

Why Does Everyone Want an Open Floor Plan?

Open Floor Plan

In the world of interior design, there are open floor plans and closed floor plans. Each layout has its own highlights when it comes to lighting, mood, and sound, but there are many reasons why everyone is taking a stand for an open floor plan.

The Basics

To understand the hype, you must understand the key characteristics that define an open layout. Basically, it’s a vast layout that promotes freedom, mobility, and better communication. A typical layout is not complicated. Generally, one space in the home will become the main attraction or a central hub, and it will have multiple zones like a kitchen, dining room, and living room. As for other spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms, these areas are never included in open floor plan.  

The Benefits

If you step up and incorporate an open floor plan, you’ll reap big benefits right away. First, you’ll quickly realize that everyone will have more space to move around. Also, there will be less frustration and chaos throughout the day because the open design will accelerate foot traffic like clockwork.

An open floor plan can also make a home appear larger. To reap this benefit, you’ll have to take full advantage of the effects of natural light. This won’t be a challenge if you have the right blueprints. If you need ideas, you can’t go wrong with a design that requires large windows on the outer walls. 

Although good lighting is always welcomed, but nothing beats quality family time. With an open floor plan, you’ll have many opportunities to bring everyone together. For example, you could:

  • Talk to your family easily and comfortably from a distance
  • Keep an eye on your pets while you’re preparing a meal
  • Keep an eye on your kids while you’re tackling chores
  • Host a party with no restrictions

Beyond these benefits, there is much more to an open floor plan than meets the eye. Before you take the leap, there are a few things that you must consider.

Key Considerations

When a home has an open floor plan, an HVAC system will work harder, and this could lead to higher energy costs. If you want to cut these costs, opt for low ceilings instead of vaulted ceilings. You could save money by installing a ceiling fan in the space. A ceiling fan circulates air, so if you run it with your air conditioner, you’ll experience shorter heating and cooling cycles.

Next, if you go with an open layout, you will encounter a few problems that are unavoidable. One of the biggest concerns is the lack of peace and quiet. There are no barriers in an open floor layout, so all sounds will be loud, and the feedback will travel fast.  

Beyond loud sounds, there are other risks. For example, if you like to cook, you’ll have to keep your kitchen tidy. Because each zone is an open layout is connected, foul smells can easily move freely from one space to another.

If you can deal with these minor setbacks, you’re ready to explore the world of open floor plans.

The Ultimate Blueprint

The ultimate blueprint starts with a core design, so you must select your decor tactically. If you pick tacky decor, many elements in the space will appear bland. To make an open floor layout stand out, each area will need its own sense of style.

The fastest way to add character to a zone is by incorporating color with fancy rugs. You could place a rug on the floor under a table in the dining space, and you could toss a second rug on the floor in front of a sofa in the main living space. If other areas need a touch of color, you could add rugs in these zones as well. However, each rug should complement one another. They should have a similar color scheme and a practical pattern.

If you want to get the most out of an open floor plan, raise the bar and incorporate glass windows and panels as dividers. These fixtures will work well near a patio or a deck.

An open layout should always feel spacious, so when you add furniture to the layout, stay away from the walls. It’s best to arrange all furniture around an area rug. This will make the area rug a focal point.

The Path to Greatness

If you’re ready to change the layout of your home, we can help you jumpstart the renovation process. To get started, visit www.streamline-design-build.com.